Welcome to Freemasonry

Freemasonry is the world’s leading fraternal organization which unites men of good character who, share a belief in the brotherhood of mankind under the fatherhood of God regardless of different religious, ethnic or social backgrounds.

Its origins are lost in the unrecorded history of medieval times, but the fraternity was formally organized in London, England, in 1717 and has since recorded proven leadership through its members who have made advancements in all fields of human endeavor towards the betterment of mankind and to every communities which has embraced them.

Worldwide membership today totals over 3 million members, 1.1 million of whom are in North America.

Why Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is an individual journey towards becoming a better father, husband, friend, citizen and man, supported by other men at different points on the same journey.  Each member is given the tools of the ancient stone masons and are instructed on how they can use those tools to build “that temple within oneself”. 

Freemasonry is a life journey; one does not join Freemasonry, but rather one becomes a Freemason and every member take upon themselves a life-long obligation to live up to the principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

Brotherly Love: Caring for Each Other and Our Communities

Relief: Humbly Assist Those in Distress

Truth: Using Knowledge and Understanding to Improve Ourselves, Our Families and Our Communities

As Masons, we recognize that knowledge gained should be knowledge shared; that investing your time, knowledge and experience through the act of mentoring and coaching is one of the better ways to live Masonic principles.  In our modern society, it is more important than ever that Masons endeavor to seek and share these basic truths and put them into action through a life that informs, influences and inspires others.